Sundeep Oil & Gas


Sundeep Oil & Gas is a Congolese Company which had been created as a representative of worldwide known oil and gas equipment manufacturers.

Having noted a lack of modern technologies in the area of maintenance and repair of oil and gas equipment, project promoters had a vision to create a workshop with high-tech equipment, which responds to the concept of « A to Z »: expertise – sandblasting – cleaning with ultrasound – repair – testing – paint finish – certification.

Here is the idea, which gave birth to our present modern workshop representing a very important investment.

Our base

Our base is located in the Republic of Congo, namely in Pointe-Noire, in Industrial zone of Vindoulou, SOCOGIM line, on the area of 11 000m².

• A workshop of 2 000m².
• 800m² of office premises, refectory and facilities for the personnel.
• Bonded warehouse of 4 000 m² for storage of oil and gas equipment*.
• Centre providing training held by our own and external specialists.
• Residence for the personnel*.
For future extension a neighbouring area of 17 000 m²
* -on schedule

Activities of Sundeep Oil & Gas

Our activities :

• Repair, testing and preventive or remedial of oil and gas equipment, such as:
– All types of industrial valves
– Well heads
– Pipes
– Flexibles
• Engineering studies
• Electric and instrumentation works (Field service)
• Certification of sensors, manometers and thermometers
• New works
• Sale of oil and gas equipment manufactured by different partners leading on the global market


The advantages of co-operation with Sundeep Oil & Gas are :

Concept of « A to Z »,
Time saving and cost efficiency,
Processing of your equipment with high-tech tools and machines,
Intervention of highly qualified specialists,
Our bonded warehouse allows you to reduce the time between ordering and reception of brand new equipment manufactured by our partners,
Guarantee of quality with competitive tariffs

Sundeep direction


Sunder Gurbani


Deepak Ramchandani


Radhakishin Gurbani